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Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division

We focus on delivering specialized products and services to the Oil & Gas Segment in Oman.

Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division


Oil & Gas Division


Purpose: The primary function of a desuperheater is to lower the temperature of superheated steam or other vapors. This temperature reduction is accomplished as a result of the process vapor being brought into direct contact with another liquid such as water.

Application: Suitable to all temperature control applications

Size Range: 6" and above

Class Rating: ANSI 150 ~ ANSI 4500

Material Grade: WCB, WCC, A105, WC6, WC9, F11, F22 , F91, F92, F316, Duplex, super duplex.

Technical Specification:

  • Variable Spray Nozzle - 12 spray nozzles spaced for optimum dispersion in the steam flow
  • Large range of design Cv options
  • High rangeability
  • Superior Pressure 1 bar to 50 bar (15psi to 740psi)
  • Nozzle Rangeability – up to 40:1
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Accurate control of steam temperatures without water droplet damage to pipe walls
  • Swirl chambers and conical nozzles for optimum atomisation
  • Simple low cost inline maintenance

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