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Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division

We focus on delivering specialized products and services to the Oil & Gas Segment in Oman.

Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division


Oil & Gas Division

Corrosion Monitoring Systems (Intrusive)


Purpose: Injection system is used to inject a wide range of chemicals into the process pipeline. This allows for even distribution of the injected fluid into the process medium. Sampling systems are used to take samples of the process fluid or medium for further analysis by client.

Models: High pressure Flanged and Flare weld design, Fixed flange design, Retractable design

Material Grades: All material grades including CS/SS/DSS/SDSS/I 625/ I 825 are available

Quill End types: Open Quill (with and without chamfer), Nozzle, Atomizer – Cap and Core type

Corrosion Monitoring Systems (Intrusive)


Purpose: Probe assemblies are generally used where on-line corrosion rate readings are required. The corrosion rate can be determined without the removal of probe from the system.

Models: High pressure Flanged and Flare weld design, Retractable design

Types: Electric Resistance probes, LPR Probes (for conductive medium), Sand Probes

Probe end models: Wire Loop Probes, Flush Design, Cylindrical probes, tube loop

Material Grades: Customized material grades possible for Probe body and element

Measurement: Online readings are obtained with a hand held Data Logger, Remote Data Logger, High resolution transmitters etc.

Corrosion Monitoring Systems (Intrusive)


Purpose: Corrosion coupons are an accurate means of monitoring of corrosion rate by carrying the weight loss analysis of the exposed coupon, and calculating the corrosion rate of the coupon, over the exposed period. Corrosion coupons are periodically retrieved from the system online, by using a Retrieval Tool and Service Valve.

Models: High pressure Flanged and Flare weld design, Retractable design

Coupon models: Flat Strip, Flush Disc, Cylindrical, Welded, Ladder etc.

Material Grades: Customized material grades possible  for Coupons

Corrosion Monitoring Systems (Intrusive)

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