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Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division

We focus on delivering specialized products and services to the Oil & Gas Segment in Oman.

Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division


Oil & Gas Division

Non Intrusive (UT Based)

Description: Non-Intrusive corrosion monitoring technology based on installed ultrasonic sensors, a technology capable of accurately measuring remaining wall thickness, and calculating corrosion and erosion rates. The system is controlled locally or remotely , and can be semi or fully automated, with data transmitted via a wired network or wireless broadband.


The monitoring system connects to a network of DSI's (Digitial sensor interfaces). Each DSI can gather ultrasonic thickness measurements from upto 16 connected transducers.

The DSI sends an ultra-short analog pulse to the first connected transducer where it is converted into high frequency ultrasonic energy, that travels through the subject material and reflect off the back wall. The signal from the reflection is converted by the transducer back into an RF electrical pulse and then digitized by the DSI.

The sequence is repeated for the other transducers connected to the DSI. The results are presented locally , and can be transmitted by a simple email , or a cloud based data centre for analysis, yielding an instantaneous , wide understanding of asset condition and deterioration rates, thereby helping to narrow down attention to at-risk locations.

Uses and Applications:

  • Infrequent or frequent data collection to resolve corrosion-rate or pitting issues (in mid-stream/ downstream or offshore applications)
  • Areas difficult or expensive to access and not conducive to manual data collection.
  • Areas where frequent thickness data is required to monitor corrosion/erosion rate issues.
  • When short- or long-term corrosion rate data is needed to monitor crude-slate changes or to correlate operational system upsets.
  • Covering many discrete points with simple attachment.
  • Situations where quick and easy installations are required.
  • Easy repositioning-no welding required.
Non Intrusive (UT Based)

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