Air Conditioning Units/ HVAC

  • Creating a good environment inside the shelter by controlling the climatic condition outside through Cooling or Heating as required.
  • If ambient conditions or heat release within the analyser shelter results in unacceptably high temperatures or vice versa, then Air Conditioner or Heater is used to keep the temp 26DegC to 2DegC within the Shelter.
  • Ventilation is to dilute and dissipate any dangerous release within the Shelter sufficiently to create safe area inside the shelter
  • AC Capacity is designed on basis of Heat Load Calculation.
  • Types of AC : Window, Split, VAC & HVAC.
  • Heating is done by two ways : Steam or Electric



  • Over 12 years experience in HVAC for Process Industry
  • Dedicated HVAC team at Factory
  • Uses reputed components
  • Field proven product and local support availability
  • Design allows enough Maintenance access from all sides
  • Available with multiple combinations
  • Capacities : 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 7.5 Ton & 10 Ton

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