• Founded in 1975, Chemtrols traces its origins to the Control of Processes in the Chemical Process Industries.
  • Chemtrols Industries Ltd. is a leading solutions provider in Process Analytics, Environment and Emission Monitoring, Flow and Terminal Automation, Process Instrumentation, Steam Engineering, and Utility Management Systems.
  • More than 32 years in on-line Process industry viz: Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power, Steel supplying level, process analytical, environmental products.
  • Nearly 2 decades in Analyzer Shelter business. Inhouse HVAC manufacturing and Fabrication for last 18 years
  • Fabricates Analyzer shelter inhouse in 70000 sq. ft floor factory which is one of the biggest facilities.
  • Projects with >150 Analyzer shelters & HVAC units working with 2000+ Analyzers.
  • Process knowledge and experience of all Refinery and┬áPetrochemicals plant and key requirements.


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