AMAXX – Combination Units

Application: Industries, Commercial Malls, Service centers, Workshops

Protection type: IP 44 and IP 67

Enclousure Materials: AMAPLAST and especially chemical resistant AMELAN

Sizes: CEE 16A to 63A, 5P receptacles, IP44 and IP67,wall mounted, hangable up from the
ceiling, mobile and floor mounted (in combination with CombiTOWER)

Colours: Grey (Black), also in Silver (Black) and Yellow (Black)

Special Solutions: Switched interlocked (DUO) with RCD/ MCB Protection, 16A to 63A, IP44/67

Additional: Data ports (RJ45), USB, Antenna, etc (keystone),Compressed air, 9 or 13mm hose connection

Standards : IEC 61439/ EN 61439

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