Arc Flash Protection

  • An electric arc follows a short circuit. It produces nearly instant effects with serious consequences without proper protection.
  • When electric arc danger exists, heat-resistant clothing must be worn. The arc’s characteristics are given by: The resistance value of the free arc, expressed in cal/cm2 according to NFPA 70 E, ASTM standards, and IEC 61482-1-1. or The protection class (1 or 2) with a constrained arc according to IEC 61482-1-2.
  • The following are used to determine the proper equipment for protecting against an electric arc.
  • The maximum fault current value.
  • The phase/ground rated voltage at the site of the risk.
  • The distance between the source of the arc and the reception surface.
  • The AC cycle number and the mono or three-phase circuit type.
  • The location where the arc is produced (confined space).
  • After recording these parameters, we can estimate the level of risk and determine
  • The proper protective clothing and PPE to use: 8 to 100 cal/cm2 or class 1 or 2.

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